Rare, Vintage, Collectible Barbed Wire Wall Ornament produced by "Uncle Joe Cherry" of Edna, Texas, who was a collector of barbed wire samples and maker of wall ornaments. Cherry died about 2004, at the age of 99, and this was one of his last productions.

The wall backing ornament was made on a background of 3/4" inch finished and sanded plywood which has been stained in a walnut color, with a soft sheen coating, creating a beautiful wood grain background. The edges have been burned into a pattern of half-round circles shaped by a router.

Placed on the surface of the ornament are 32 samples of antique and rusted barbed wire that were developed and actually used in fences as the race for the perfect barbed wire was waged by would-be inventors. Each sample of barbed wire is identified by name and the date it was produced or presented for patent.

It has been said that barbed wire marked the end of the open range in the west.

In the last half of the 19th century over 530 different barbed wire samples were patented for possible use in fencing rangeland, primarily in the west, where cattle herds were held in check by barbed wire fences. Most of the patents were either unwieldy, expensive or unacceptable for practical use. Yet, the demand for some form of barbed wire taxed the imagination of would-be
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