Barber Half Dollar: 1907-S VG

Description: see picture

NOTICE to International Buyers: Shipping will generally be by the USPS, including world-wide shipping. The US Post Office has had an extremely large increase in shipping, registered mail, and insurance. (They are still the least expensive way we know to ship.) As always we try to keep the costs down, even absorbing some of it ourselves. The new prices are now based on not only the weight, but the area of the world the package is to be sent. There is no way to figure out an exact cost until we know where the buyer is from, and the exact weight involved. Therefore, we have made a series of rough estimates that will appear on the lot information. After a purchase, we will try to invoice a more accurate amount, so please don't pay until you get that invoice. We will send them as quickly as possible, and we will always combine shipping. If after we ship we find there is a significant difference that amount will be refunded. Insurance costs will not always be reflected in the amount on the package, since most times it is through the private insurance company mentionjed below.

Notice: Most items (not stamps) have 2 pictures, one of the front and one of the back. If there are 2 more items you will have 4 or more pictures.

Please note: Some of our older pictures, especially silver and nickel do
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