Barber Quarters, 1892 full year set (P,O,S); first year of issue

Barber Quarters, all three coins from 1892, the first year of issue.
1892 (P): mintage was 8,236,000. This coin is Very Good. The obverse shows several letters readable in LIBERTY. The garland has some of the lower leaves emerging, and all lettering and the date are bold, as is the rim. The reverse is clean. Some letters in the motto are visible, and detail is seen in the some of the devices. The rim is bold.
1892 O: mintage is 2,460,000. This coin grades Very Good. It is just a hair more worn than the "P" coin, but is still very nice and clean without any problems. The mint mark is bold. Barber quarters usually show more wear on the reverse, but this coin is has a nice reverse.
1892 S: mintage on this coin is 964,079, making it a bone fide member of the "less than one million" club, which numbers 14. This coin grades About Good. The portrait on the obverse is well outlined but lacks detail. The date is complete; the stars are mostly complete and some are bold. About half of the rim is intact. The reverse is very well worn but the mint mark "S" is easy to identify.
Barber coins are not the most beautiful coins in the American mintage. Charles Barber has emerged in numismatic history as a petty character, boring in his designs. But the series hold a certain charm when you start getting into them. It is fun relating
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