BARBIE as BEWITCHED Mattel DOLL Elizabeth Montgomery FIGURE Collector Edition

This is an Original Mattel Collector Edition BARBIE Doll representing ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY in her witch costume and broom.

This doll is mint shape the box has side bubble crack dent in the clear plastic. It has speckles on the top of the box, and some wear. Please see images. It is a pink lable edition for the ORIGINAL of the popular ABC series,


A witch married to an ordinary man cannot resist using her magic powers to solve the problems her family faces.

The young executive of an advertisement agency, Darrin Stephens marries a beautiful woman, Samantha Stephens. On their honeymoon, Sam discloses a secret to him: she is a witch with magic powers. He makes her promise him that she will live like a mortal, without using witchcraft and spells in their lives, but sometimes she uses her magic to help Darrin and herself. Sam's mother, Endora does not accept her mortal son-in-law, hates him and can hardly say his name correctly. In the suburb of Morning Glory Circle, where they live, their curious next-door neighbor Gladys Kravitz suspect Samantha, but can never prove the weird situations she sees to her husband Abner Kravitz. Darrin works in the McMahon and Tate ad agency with Larry Tate, who is married to Louise Tate. Samantha frequently receives her witch aunts in her house, specially her sweet old
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