Barbie Deluxe Reading Dream Kitchen

From the Original Owner. Here is the very hard to find De Luxe Reading Corp. Dream Kitchen that was used with the Vintage Barbie. Sold in 1964-1965. This large set has the 4 kitchen appliances. Sink unit; Dishwasher; Oven with the Turkey Roaster; Refrigerator. Although not in the box; this set has not been played with. All 4 appliances have Tiny scratches from laying in a box for 40 years and being moved. The back of the sink and dishwasher have the red tape still on the black containers. The dishwasher has the pull-out tray inside, the refrigerator has the 2 chrome shelves, butter compartment, door rails. The battery compartment on the stove is Mint clean. I placed 2 C batteries in the compartment and the light goes on and roaster begins to turn. The accessories are many and all the food and containers are in perfect condition. There are a couple of duplicates of some of the items. I do not know if the accessories are complete. There is 1 missing knife from the place settings. There are no cracks in any of the furniture. The table has a tiny light yellow mark on the top corner, cause unknown. This is an excellent set for Barbie and other Fashion Dolls of this era. Buyer pays $6.00 shipping.