Barbie Doll & Friends Silkstone White Chiffon Fashion Gown +

Dolls n Fashions.. ajsmith352

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New, De-boxed - Fashion Set Only

Please Note: The Doll is not Included, just Modeling the Gown..

A Gorgeous White Chiffon Gown with a Side Sash at the Waist with Sheer Chiffon Lavender & Gray flowing down the Gown, The Bodice is adorned with Floral details of Green Leaves & Sparkling Beads with Pink Flowers at the Shoulder, Thin White Ribbon Straps, Snaps in the Back.

Added: [1] Pair of White Panties and [1] Pair of White Heels


Please Note: If not Stated in� the Listing/Action/Description On Some Dolls, There could be Dye Stains from the Fashions/Clothing and or Small Marks or Dent Lines on the Arms/Wrist - Legs/Ankles/Feet area Either From the Shoes, Rubber Bands or Wire Attachments and or Pin/Wire-Holes. On Some of the Older Integrity/Candi Dolls, Their waist Could be Loose from Having a Ribbon Tied around this Area under the Fashions to attach the Doll to the Box and on Some Doll Fashions, there could be a Slit/Hole in the Back, this is for the Wire or Other Attachment Used to Fasten to the Card before going into the Box by the Manufacture.� On Some Dolls Do� not� Leave the� Metal� Material� Ear
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