Barbie Dream Kitchen 1960s Vintage Used

This auction is a Barbie Deluxe Dream Kitchen Set from the 1960s. I am selling it with everything that's pictured-I'm sure some pieces have been lost over the years, and some pieces might not be original to the set, but everything is from the 1960s.
Condition: Good, but it has been used. It was played with back in the 1960s. NOT IN MINT CONDITION!
Highlights: Range oven includes turkey for rotisserie Refrigerator has two original ice cubes with trays! Refrigerator shelves swing out! Dishwasher rack slides in and out. Sink includes original dish rack. Table includes all four original chairs. At the time it was sold, the sink and dishwasher could be filled with water, the stove lit up, and the rotisserie spun. However, I have not tried these options out and there is no guarantee that they still function in this way today. Comes with original toaster, including the bread! Comes with many boxes of cleaning supplies, paper products, and food. (some original to set and some not original) Comes with dishes and silverware (not all are original to the set).