The Barbie Game Queen of the Prom 1960 - EX, COMPLETE

You are bidding on a used edition of The Barbie Game -Queen of the Prom by Mattel 1960

The game is 100% complete and all components are in VG-Excellent condition .

The game box is in very good-excellent condition as well, showing only slight shelf wear. The colors are clean and vibrant. There are no torn corners. There is some small marks on the center of each of the side and box bottom where the lid was held in place by scotch tape. There is a small 1/2 inch tear to the paper on the right hand side of the lid from when that tape was removed.

From the inside of the box:

"Buy a FORMAL DRESS, get a STEADY BOYFRIEND, and be elected CLUB PRESIDENT. These may be done in any order. Then - go on to win the game by becoming QUEEN OF THE PROM."

Great vintage styling and fashions.

Contents (All in Excellent condition unless otherwise mentioned):

1 gamboard,

4 pawns,

30 - Surprise cards (2 slightly bent)

4 - I.O.U. Cards

4 - Boyfriend cards

4 - Club President cards (1 with a slight crease)

4 - Formal Dress cards (1 with a creased corner)

play money ( 1, 5, 10 denominations)

wood six sided die (faced numbered 1,1,2,2,3,4)

box insert with instructions.

I ship via the USPS Priority Mail or Parcel
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