NEW & RARE Barbie GRAND HOTEL w INTERACTIVE PHONE 100+ Phrases, 5 Deluxe Rooms

Barbie GRAND HOTEL Playset w/ INTERACTIVE PHONE 100+ Phrases, 5 Deluxe Rooms, Working Elevator, & More!
High Value

Since the Grand Hotel came out in 2001 and is no longer being produced, prices on the set vary widely. Depending on quality, whether it is new in box, and the seller, the price can range from between $200 and $1,000. For that reason, it may be best purchased for a collection, rather than for active play. Of course, if the set is kept in its original packaging, the value will be at its highest, but some collectors may wish to display it.


The Grand Hotel features five rooms, including two suites. The rooms are the penthouse, deluxe suite, grand salon, main lobby, and terrace cafe. The cafe is an outdoors section on the first floor, next to the main lobby. The lobby has two columns, and, also on the first floor, the grand salon is set up as a rest area, somewhere people staying at the hotel may go to read or use their laptops or tablets. The suites are on the second floor, connected by a door. There are windows and doors, but these are stickers, and not functional.

Accessories This set comes with plenty of accessories and features. There are interactive phones between rooms and for room service. There are
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