Barbie lot - Ken doll baby kid Kelly - clothes - accessories +++ L@@K!

You are bidding on:
an entire medium, flat rate box PACKED with Barbie stuff
all items are used/played with - expect all items to need a bath, and expect all dolls (big and small) to have 'trimmed' (or butchered) hair the 1983 Ken doll (in pic w/ shorts) has a lose left arm
There is one vtg female, adult Barbie that is dirty and has cropped hair
one Barbie is marked 1983 Mattel, one is marked 2003 Mattel, one is marked 1998 Mattel 2 are not actual barbie- one is "made in China" one is Totsy 1987
all 5 kid dolls and the baby are marked Mattel. one kid doll has chewed on feet (dog must have got it)
it may not be a pet free home, but it IS smoke free- and there are no stains/smells/damage done by pets unless noted above ( :
all clothes are usable. all dolls are usable. all items are still in usable condition. NO lose joints or major damage unless listed above. Batteries are still good in Barbie that lights up (see pic- gem in necklace, belly button, and shoes light up)
I'm pretty sure a good percentage of the clothes are actual Barbie clothes/Mattel, yet only a handful of items actually have a tag saying "Barbie" or "Mattel". Most every clothing item has no tags.
(no tags on the following): 5 skirts - a couple pairs of shorts - 5 pairs of pants - a couple jumpers/full body outfits - 5 dresses
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