Barbour Quadruple Plate Silver Repousse Tea Caddy dutch

This auction is for antique Barbour 'Tea Caddy'. It is in great condition, t is no copper showing, the silver is lusterous. T is a tiny ding on one edge, see photo. It measures 4 inches across, 2 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/2 high, including cap. It has the classic, detailed swirls and dancing Dutch people. It is stamped on the bottom with the windmill, flanked with pipes and the number 3237.

The 'Repousse' process used by the Barbour company was a Modified Casting process to Duplicate the Original 18th & 19th century DUTCH REPOUSSE' Scenes of Reveling 'Dutch' peasants and Intricate Florals and Scrolls...The original Silver Dutch work was hammered from the reverse by hand..but, the Barbour company used a mold for the copper which was then plated with silver.

In 1881 or 1882, Samuel Barbour moved from Chicago to New Haven, Conn., w he and his brother Charles joined in forming the Barbour Brothers Co. At this point, they were only marketers of silverplate products made by I. J. Steane & Co. of Hartford. But the brothers were operating in Hartford by no later than 1889, since the Geer's city directory for that year contains the listing, "Barbour Bros. Co. silverplated ware mfgs.., 64 Market St." (Market Street, located downtown, has been altered greatly since then.)

In 1892, a decade or so after its formation,
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