Barco USA FSS Axe Fire Fighter's Forestry Service FSS

This Auciton : one Old Forest Forestry Service Axe

Barco USA FSS Unique Forest Service Axe

Handled Axe Has a Brand New Hickory Handle!

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Actual Axe Shown in the picture below.

They Just dont make them like this anymore, true Quality Steel - Should last A Life time!

This Axe is a Barco Firefighters Axe with FSS & USA Stamped in it.

Used and From the Forest Service Federal Supply, with a Brand New Hickory Handle

The axe head is right at 7.25" inches long, the blade is right at 4.25" wide.

The Hickory Handle measures 36"

The Axe weights in at 3 pounds 12 oz all Total .

Axe #396

This Pulaski Forester Axe Combination grub hoe/axe is designed for chopping, grubbing, and digging fire lines in brush-filled or rocky terrain. Also is used for trail construction and maintenance.

All of our Pulaski's and Axes were purchased directly from the U.S. Forest Service. I will measure and weigh and notate all the obvious makings. I may miss some. Pictures are of the actual axe for sale. Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

Pulaski: Developed to grub and chop duff during forest fires, the Pulaski combines an axe bit with an adz-shaped grub hoe on wood or fiberglass handle. It is preferred
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