BARD'S GATE (D&D 3.5 d20 City Sourcebook) Necromancer


(Sword and Sorcery d20)

A City Sourcebook for v 3.5 Roleplaying

Complete with fold-out poster map of the city attached in back of book.

Book Grading Condition: Very Good / Fine (VG/F). Comic / Gaming Grading Condition: Very Fine (VF)

Published by Necromancer Games 2006. $34.99 cover price. 224 pages plus Poster Map. Black and White. Hardcover.

We will include 15 pages of supplemental Bonus Material not inlcuded in the hardcover. All created/written by Bard's Gate writer Clark Peterson (Disctict Map of Bard's Gate, Notes on Bard's Gate, Color Hex Map and Notes on the Wilderness surrounding Bard's Gate)

Attractive lightly used copy. Square, flat and tight book. Sharp edges. Some light wear to edges and corners. Very High cover gloss. White pages. Clean copy with no stamps, no stickers, no tape and no writing.

Written by Casey Christofferson, Scott Greene and Shane Glodoski.

CITY OF BARDS - In the far north lies the ancient city of Bard's Gate. Located on a strategic trade route, this city is famed far and wide as a bastion of art and learning that welcomes bards, performers, writers, artists, and creators of all sorts. Yet this citadel of enlightenment, deep in the wilds, is also threatened by dark forces -- the gnolls and orcs from the wilderness
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