Barely Marilyn One-of-a-Kind Small Teddy Bear by Kelly Dean - Mole Island Bears

Barely Marilyn
by Kelly Dean - Mole Island Bears

Purchased in March 2009 - One-of-a-Kind now available for your bid!

'Barely Marilyn' is and adorable 4" tall, fully armatured little bear.

Made from Japanese silk plush with leather pawpads and leather eyelids over antique taxidermy eyes.

She is wearing a micro pleated silk gown and standing on a copper leather sidewalk grate with a vintage perfume atomizer to provide that essential 'puff' of air.

Included is a collection of Marilyn Monroe pictures and posters that she's found in the trash over the years
(scanned and printed onto vintage silk batiste).

Dress has 24 gauge sealed wire sewn into the hem
to keep it floating.

Marilyn has a loc-line neck and spine and disk joins at her hip and shoulder, wire armature in her legs and arms and magnet in her feet to help her stand on her wee 'subway grate' stand.

Magnet in paw holds her dress up. Base magnet is in the center of the base, Marilyn stands best just slight to the front.

Signature tag lets you know that it is an Original
Kelly Dean & Company treasured collectible!

Tags and Certificate of Authenticity come with Marilyn.

Original price and Ken Yenke's Appraised price $660.00
Don't miss this wonderful opportunity
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