Thanks for your interest in my hand made stars. These one of a kind hand made stars are built to compliment your home inside or out. I have been in the metal trade now for over 30 years and believe that the great folks out there deserve to get the best for there money and if you read 4 to 5 pages of my feedback it will let you know what I am all about, The price is super reasonable and the shipping is priority and I ship them out in 1 to 2 days after sale. They are built from 24 gauge Galva Neal which is a metal that is prepared to make any paint adhere to it and not chip or peal off, Very Expensive but well worth it, The bolts are slot less that have little ferrels that tighten the nut as you put together, Actually only a pair of pliers could do the job. Full picture instructions and all hanging hardware are all color coordinated. If you wish to hang this outside on vinyl siding I have a hanger for that if the area is not windy. If you like them in your home I can also build a special hanger that can be installed so there are no holes in the wingtips. If outside in a windy area I drill 2 tips on the 24” and 30”, And 3 on the larger stars with color coordinated hardware as well. Or if you are installing on brick mortar I have inserts for that and cement. Just let me know what your application is at time of pmt and I will do my

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