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~ WELCOME ~ Thank you for looking at my auction ~

*****PLEASE NOTE***** : Just a little FYI... Those who follow my auctions already know that summer-early fall is always my busy time at home. In past years, t have been some weeks that I did not list anything for sale. This year I hope to continue to list every week , if only a few items. I'll be back listing full-time by October. In the event that t is a week w I have nothing listed please check back, as I will most likely have things listed the following week. Many Thanks to all who continue to frequent my auctions!

A sincere and heartfelt "Thanks" to all who have shopped at my auctions. I am grateful for each and every one of you and your business is very much appreciated !!

If you are new to ebay and my auctions...Welcome J ...and thanks for stopping by! You should know that many of my buyers wait until the remaining minutes to place their bid. If you do not want to be outbid at the last minute, may I gently encourage you to decide how disappointed you will be if you don't win and then bid accordingly. If t is a particular design that is a "must-have" item for you, I would softly suggest you bid your maximum, early, so that you will not be disappointed should you be outbid at the last minute.

I often receive emails, at auctions' end, from disappointed
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