Barograph by Gluck-good condition -clockwork, working.

A Barograph by Gluck

this barograph is in very good condition- the case is made from heav gauge steel,with cast base, with heavy mesh grille over sensory mechanism-and integal carrying handle- all very heavy. Glass front observation panel, good condition everyw I assume a 7 or 8 day clock mechanism. Glass panel hinges to left to reveal inner mechanism.

Mechanism is driven by clockwork, key present, and the rotation speed can be calibrated- it does work, I have tested it- Model number stamped onto base plate of clockwork- Gluck- barograph and recorder, model number 7D R8D, made in England. All internals ion very good clean condition.

Lower arm adjustable, mechanism for this perfect,

Very heavy duty case- looks as if made for a military naval type ship or something of that sort- painted battleship grey to match!

As you can tell, I know nothing of these things- so its up to you to ask the right questions-- I acquired it as part of a 'lot' of other items in a recent sale-

Will pack in send in the UK for £9.50, anyw else to price up at cost- its quite heavy,

Dimensions - length 44 cms, height 33cms incl carrying handle ( integral casting), width 20cms incl splay of feet.

Has logo label adhering to front - which looks like a diagonal ' Z' on its side or possibly even
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