BARONESS - RED ALBUM isis pelican mastodon stoner vinyl

B ARONESS - RED ALBUM released by Relapse records in 2008.
Black, 180 gram vinyl edition of 1400. Getting harder to find!
This has been listened to maybe three times, tops. Still in amazing shape.
I ship only in new LP mailers. All vinyl shipped outside the sleeve to prevent splitting while in transit. All records loved and taken great care of, almost never played. Non-cigarette smoking household. Records shipped with heavy-duty record cover. Any questions please ask. All records will be shipped within 4-5 days from winning bid. Paypal only please... Must sell all of my records off to afford a house...those are the breaks I guess. It could be worse folks! and good luck! Also, be sure and check out my other record listings that are up right now and will be all through the months of August and September...lots of stuff will be going...check back soon! Thank you...
From Aquarius Records:
This is actually the very first full-length album from Baroness, who have previously teased us with ep-length or split releases only. Since they're one of the best American underground metal acts going (hence Relapse's interest in 'em), anticipation for the Red Album was high, and it's absolutely no disappointment. Baroness are a state-of-the-art (and we do mean art) band that's both extreme and eclectic, combining (as always)
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