Barrel assembly Springfield Hawken muzzleloader black powder 50 caliber CVA

Note to ebay... this is aparts, for parts only auction.


This is a Springfield Hawken 50 Caliber barrel assembly. This barrel has incredibly good rifling in it. It has some corrosion from use on the outside of the barrel around the nipple area. This is the same configuration as a CVA 50 caliber with a hook tang. It would fit onto my CVA Bobcat stock… the wedge matches up but the tang is a hook tang rather than a bobcat knob tang.

This particular barrel does not include the sights… It does include the assemblies underneath. You can put a dovetail type sight arrangement on it rather easily.

So… it should interchange with a CVA that has a hook type tang during the Spanish era. It doesn’t say CVA on it, but I thought it was a CVA when I bought it and brought it home. CVA made a Springfield hawkens…but they normally labeled them with their brand name.

Check out the pics you can pretty much see what you are getting.

This sale is for the barrel assembly shown in the pictures only.

While this is not from an ancient muzzle loader it is a collectible one.

I have an ebay store and have other gun parts. If you buy multiple items I will cut the shipping in half for the second item. As with any parts for a firearm you would need a competent gunsmith to certify
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