RARE 4-barrel Quad JOHNSON SPEARGUN SMG Mark IV Vintage

RARE 4-barrel Quad JOHNSON SPEARGUN – SMG Mark IV Collectors

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VINTAGE JOHNSON SUBMARINE SPEARGUN RARE 4-BARREL MODEL (QUAD) I purchased this item at an estate sale a few years ago. I don't know much about it, other than it being a very rare model of one of the best (and most powerful) spearguns ever made. It is awesome looking! A definite collector's item!! Johnson Submarine Speargun (SMG) is was made in the USA by Tapmatic Corp. Costa Mesa, California and it can be also found under name "SMG Speargun".

I believe they were made around 1968-earl 70’s. This vintage speargun uses 22 caliber cartridges to fire the spears. NO CARTRIDGES WILL BE INCLUDED. There will be 1 spears/harpoons included and has a barb at the point -- this is the one that would be connected to the return reel. The other 3 spears are missing.

Here is a website that has other pictures and descriptions of the same/similar model: /en-page-h3.htm

I have never fired this speargun, and will not fire it. It appears to be usable, with no missing parts; but since I don't know much about it I am selling it as-is. If you have any questions about it, please ask before bidding. There will be no refunds, and I will only sell to the US - no exceptions!

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