The Barrel Shack™ - Georgia - Handmade Sculpture MSRP $960 ***NEW

The Barrel Shack™ - Georgia - Handmade Sculpture

Georgia by The Barrel Shack is an exquisitely detailed metal sculpture created from reclaimed metal. Showing a lovely patina, this well-worn, rustic bird proudly stands 9.5 inches tall, the perfect complement to a collection of rustic, charming pieces for a country lifestyle. Minutely detailed metal feathers are layered around its body, and the proud feather at the top of the head gives Georgia a whimsical appearance meant to charm any viewer.

Georgia is a colorful bird with brilliantly hued feathers and adornments. Known to be beautiful and majestic, the pheasant is common bird throughout the world.

Georgia by The Barrel Shack features the beauty and majesty in the metalwork sculpture that's stunningly detailed. Get the rustic, authentic look you like by adding Georgia to your collection of country pieces.

Well-worn, corrugated iron, Georgia is a majestic bird crafted from reclaimed iron Each sculpture requires 3 days of craftsmanship Intricate details in Georgia's feathers bring depth and texture to the sculpture Welded by hand 8.6-in long x 4.8-in wide x 9.5-in high Every sculpture at The Barrel Shack is assembled by hand. It takes 3 days for each welder to create one unique masterpiece. The welders have 10 years of experience before they are able to create these
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