BARREN CROSS - Atomic Arena -Christian Music Rock Metal

BARREN CROSS - ATOMIC ARENA - 1988 - ENIGMA RECORDS - D2-73311 - ORIGIANL ISSUE NOT A CUT-OUT NOR CD-R!! This Used CD Is In Mint Condition Featuring 10 Tracks By "Barren Cross" Barren Cross Is: Mike Lee, Ray Parris, Steve Whitaker And Jim Laverde 1. Imaginary Music 2. Killers Of The Unborn 3. In The Eye Of The Fire 4. Terrorist Child 5. Close To The Edge 6. Dead Lock 7. Cultic Regimes 8. Heaven Or Nothing 9. King Of Kings 10.Living Dead This Used CD Is In Mint Condition

Barren Cross is a Christian metal band that was formed in Los Angeles , California in 1983 by high school pals Ray Parris (guitar) and Steve Whitaker (drums). The band released six albums from 1986 to 1994 and has been on hiatus ever since. They reunited for a few shows in recent years, and officially announced reunion on May 28, 2008 as well as plans to record a new album.

By 1984, bassist Jim LaVerde and vocalist Mike Lee were added. In 1989 the band appeared on The Morton Downey Show alongside members of KISS and Anthrax . In 1990 Mike Lee left and joined the band Bare Bones, but would appear on the band's later releases.

Music - Musically, the band is often compared to Iron Maiden , mainly due to the similarity of the vocals between Mike Lee and Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson . Lyrically, the band is noted for its uncompromising stance on a number
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