Barrett 50 CAL Counter Terrorist Sniper Unit 2XL

YOU ASKED FOR THEM AND THEY ARE BACK! These T-shirts are the real deal and IN VERY LIMITED NUMBERS! Please check around and you won't find anything close. These Ts were distributed in very small numbers to elite tactical units in Iraq and Afghanistan like the U.S. special forces, Delta and Blackwater.
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These T-Shirts are 100% heavy duty cotton and have full color durable screened graphics on both the front, back and sleeve! I can testify to the quality of the shirts and print myself as I have similar shirts from the 1st round from 2001 and it probably has been washed over 300 times and looks fantastic. It's my favorite gym and range shirt along with the H&K UMP and always sparks up conversation. I now have been wearing this new one and I get stopped everywhere with questions. This is an absolute awsome T!

Back of the shirt has fantastic full color coverage with a beautiful .50 BMG BARRETT 82A1 silhouette with the type "COUNTER TERRORIST TACTICAL UNIT" above it. Just below that type is " LONG DISTANCE SUPPORT TEAM". Bellow the 82A1 is the type " DESERT STORM • BOSNIA • AFGHANISTAN • IRAQ" On the front of the shirt is a great color "BARRETT 50 CAL Tactical Unit" logo on the left chest and on the right sleeve is another great "BARRETT 50 CAL" logo. Again these are

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