No, I'm NOT retiring sale!

Over the last few months I have had many customers wishing me good luck on my retirement. This is far from the truth. What I am doing is clearing out 100's of photographs to transition my business toward marketing more of my own work and continuing to work with a select few photographers.

Many auctions I'm listing today have a starting price near or below what I originally paid for these photographs.


Edition #21 of 100


Recently saw Barry during his visit to the Monterey area. He showed me some never before printed images and some of his old classics that he just printed. I couldn't resist buying some from him on the spot. Will list some here and the others will go on my new website.

Clearing out more images from our inventory. Don't be fooled by my low starting prices of 20-75% off the current gallery retail....all photos listed today are price to sell!!

Listing the items fast today and if you want the photo now... just do the low "Buy-It-Now" price. The "Buy-It-Now" goes away as soon as a bid is placed.

You can pay more...much more elsewhere...but why?

I have launched a new website with links to my eBay auctions and working on having over 400 photographs there


You can pay a lot more for fine art photography....but you don't have to.

Current prices for many of J. Barry Thomson's image are now in the $600.00 - $800.00 range. Some images are over $1,500.00 as per his price list.

Just received some wonderful images by J. Barry Thomson. If you do an Internet search of... j barry thomson photography ...on the net one of the first items that comes up is a page of a very well known Carmel, Ca photography gallery that represented him. Message me if you need me to send you the link.

After an introductory course in high school in New England, Barry Thomson knew by the end of his senior year that he would be a photographer. Thereafter self-taught, he began his career by doing street photography and purchased a 4x5 view-camera when he was 21, Traveling through the West, visiting Big Sur and Death Valley and hiking in the Sierras, it was ultimately the Grand Canyon, and later the Colorado Plateau that really captured his heart and imagination.

Even though he loved the immensity of Western spaces, Thomson returned to Vermont in his early 30's to what is essentially a much more intimate environment. The change in the physical landscape proved pivotal in defining his photographic vision. In photographing "smaller" landscapes, the imagery also started to become more abstract, which subsequently led to an expanded idea of what constitutes a landscape.

Thomson continues to work with film in 4x5 and 2 1/4 formats and hand-prints all his work in a darkroom. His work is featured in many public collections and museums.

Printed on 11"x14" paper with white border, image size is listed above in title. Signed/titled/edition number on the back, mounted and matted to 16"x20' museum board..

Fixed $10.00 shipping/ins. within the USA. If shipped within California please add 8.50% sales tax.

This is a no risk eBay listing. You can return the photo within 14 days if you are not happy with your purchase.

Please note that the actual image size may be different than the paper size listed above as this darkroom made photograph was handmade by the artist and may have required some custom cropping or trimming.

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