Be a Baseball Sandlot Slugger. Get a Pitching Machine.

"The Personal Pitcher is the ORIGINAL poly-ball pitching machine, introduced in 1994. Despite being copied, there is nothing superior or ORIGINAL about the "competition". Read our 10 years of positive feedback and . We sell a complete hitting-development system, not just a pitching machine. If you have any questions re: the Personal Pitcher, we are always available at 800/474-8243." Bob Richard, Owner, Sports Products Consultants Inc.
This unsolicited letter was recently sent to us by an Ebay winner. We could not have done a better job of describing the effectiveness of the Personal Pitcher, so here it is....

"I am very happy with your product, my son has played since he was 6 and played travel ball since 8, he's now 11, has a legitimate batting average of .544 in travel ball and led his team to win the 10u Triple Crown World Series. With all the thousands of dollars I have spent on baseball stuff, this has been my best investment! And even better HE LOVES IT. I wish I had purchased this years ago and fully plan to convince everyone in my son's baseball club to get one!"

ATTN: Chris just hit 2 GRANDSLAMS in one ballgame,

Thank you for your kind comments above, and here is our own description....

Start hitting next week! This is a new (quad speed/curveball) Personal Pitcher PRO being offered
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