Basketball Coaching DVD Izzo Michigan State Fastbreak

Tom Izzo: The Numbered Fastbreakwith Tom Izzo,
Michigan State University Head Coach;
2000 NCAA Champs, 3X National "Coach of the Year" Coach Izzo believes in scoring quickly by pushing the ball up the floor. The numbered break puts each player in a position to score. Izzo stresses that this fastbreak limits turnover and confusion by players. Two- and three-man drills are the first step in building a productive fast break. These drills can serve as a warm-up and are good for conditioning. Other drills include the 3-on-2 drill, which introduces the drop off pass and teaches players to make good decisions at the end of the break, and his all time favorite drill - a progressive 2-on-1 drill. This drill covers decision making, defensive transition and communication. Izzo emphasizes that all drills help players make decisions with and without the ball. All pieces are put together in 5-on-5 full court fashion. 77 minutes. 2008.
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