Batman #120 - September 1958

Over the next several months I will be liquidating my childhood comic book collection. I am now retired and can use a few extra bucks.

These magazines have been sitting in a closet in my parents' home since I left for college in September 1969.

I haven't the slightest idea of what any of these might be worth so I am starting each off at what I paid for it a lifetime ago. I am not a collector but will try to describe the condition as best as I can.

Each will be shipped inside a clear plastic sheet protector inside a 9" x 12" first class postage envelope. T is a full 7 day return privilege, less postage, provided the magazine has not been taken out of the sheet protector.

You are bidding on Batman comic book #120 from December 1958. I apparently liked this issue because it looks like I read it quite a few times. The cover is intact except for a triangular spot at the top about the size of a dime. The staples are intact although the cover shows that "rolled over" look from multiple readings. All the interior pages are intact and are in good shape. From my review of comic book grading standards, I would grade it VG to Fine.