Batman #139 - First appearance Batgirl

This is a really nice copy of Batman #139 featuring the first appearance of the original Batgirl from DC Comics date April 1961. Before Barbara Gordon there was Betty Kane as Bat-Girl. As the niece to Batwoman Kathy Kane, Bat-Girl is purported to be introduced as a love interest for Robin and to tone down any cries about the possible homoerotic relationship between Batman and Robin. The whole idea of the Batman Family was retconned out of existence when Julius Schwartz took over editoriatl leadership and brought Batman back to his vigilante roots. It would be several years later, and upon the insistence of the Batman TV series creators, that Bat-Girl would return in the guise of Barbara Gordon. Still, this is a key issue that should be in every Batman fan's collection.

The is one of the nicer issues of this book that I have had. I grade it Very Good/Fine with the only real problem is some creases on the bottom right hand corner and smaller ones on the bottom spine. Other than that this book would have been Fine/Very Fine. It has great color and gloss. Page color is white/off-white. Cover is attached firmly to staples. Book handles well with great suppleness. This book generally sells for well over Overstreet Price Guide prices. I am going to start this at a very reasonable price with a buy-it-now of what I think it should go
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