Batman #251 FN/FN- First bronze age Joker;Suicide Squad;Neal Adams art;Gotham

This auction is for Batman #251 in FN/FN- condition. This is the iconic issue where the Joker breaks bad (again) and returns to his Golden age Kane-Finger-Robinson roots as demented, not silver age buffoon. I inspected every page for anything problematic: There are no tears, folds, cut-outs, writing, stains, separation from staples. I noticed a small pock mark on the front cover (see close-up photo) as if a pencil eraser had been pressed against the page, but even this small indentation does not alter the color, ink, or image and is noticeable only under light. In the same way that Heath Ledger offered a fresh, youthful edge to the Joker, Batman #251 was the bronze age equivalent, due to DC's dream team of Denny O'Neil/Neal Adams. Free Priority mail shipping in the U.S.