BATMAN # 35 Dinosaur Island CATWOMAN NEW MASK 1946 G-VG

is BATMAN # 35 published by DC Comics in June 1946. This issue has Catwoman in a New Mask, and a Great story, Dinosaur Island with a T-Rex and other great dinos. Except for the bottom 1" of this book this book would rat a Very Fine or even better with brilliant colors and a beautiful spine, but the bottom 1" of the front and back cover are brown and brittle. Then it got banged at outer right bottom which created a 1/4" tear through most of the book, and knocked off a piece of the brittle cover t and also to the left near Dick Grayson's papers on desk. T is about an equal amount of damage at the bottom on back cover, and I have large 400K scans of the front and back covers if you are interested. The page paper quality is good though, and t is no browning to the pages even at the bottom. So I guess I would price and rate this a Good-Very Good, but 90% of the book looks beautiful.

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