BATMAN #608 2ND PRINT CGC 9.8 - 1/24 as common as 1st p

Book specific information:

9.8 - White pages. Why this book is CGC worthy: Of 425+ copies graded, only 35 have been graded 9.8. That kind of ratio is virtually unheard of on a book this recent. By comparison, more than 850 1st print 608s have been graded (of 1426 total graded). This is the only 2nd print we've had in more than a year. No 9.9s.

General information - please read at least once (same for every CGC auction) :

We provide giant scans so that you can see exactly what you are buying. As a rule, any 9.4 and up books wlll not have any kind of glaring defect, so any blemishes, scratches, etc. are on the scanner or the holder unless noted. In some cases we will use a single scan of modern 9.6 and 9.8 books to represent multiple copies. So if you win a modern 9.6 or 9.8 you may see us listing "the same book" before you receive yours - it's just the same image, we have another copy in the same grade. 9.4s and lower generally have discernible defects, so are always scanned individually, front and back.

CGC certification is the future of the hobby for people interested in assembling serious collections. Comics are finally following coins, sportscards, stamps, and other collectibles, assuring buyers that they are getting full value for their money when they purchase certified comics. We've submitted thousands of
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