Batman Co-Creator Bill Finger Autographed Personal Coll

Batman Co-Creator Bill Finger Autographed Personal Collection"Can you imagine finding such a thing?" Krypton Comics Arthur "Gotta Have It" Palumba

"A True Find! Something You Couldn't Buy In A Store At Any Period Of Time! " Celebrity Who Wishes To Remain Anonymous

"Not one of these so called instant collectibles" eBay Member

Back in the early days when eBay was a baby I stumbled upon this truly magnicent collection. A folder containing the works of Batman Co-Creator Bill Finger. Never in my wildest dreams would such a thing unearth. To have something signed by Bob Kane is one thing but to have this collection by Batman's Co-Creator and Writer is another thing altogether.

This collection contains

1. 1945 Newspaper Print Signed by Bill Finger (Photostat Of Original Negative Inspected and Signed By Bill Finger)

2. Folder Contents Were Stored In Until The Year 2000 (Folder Also has Bill's Handwriting On It)

3. 4 Total Prints (Photostatic Copies) directly from the original negatives

4. 2 Original Sunday Comic Strips

5. Captain America #52 (partial)

6. Blackhawk #73 (partial)

7. Seven Stories Pulled From Comic Books That Bill Finger Wrote

After careful research and talking to different people (Old Pros At Comic Conventions, Newspaper Syndicates, Retired
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