Batman Comics # 7 8 10 11 12 13 Bound Volume Rare DC

Offered is the office reference copy bound volume for the following comic books: Batman Comics # 7, Batman Comics # 8, Batman Comics # 10, Batman Comics # 11, Batman Comics # 12, Batman Comics # 13. These volumes were originally the personal file copies of Lloyd Jacquet, founder of Funnies, Inc., which was established in the late 1930's. Funnies Inc. was responsible for the publication of Marvel Comics # 1, which introduced the Sub Mariner and Human Torch. Mr. Jacquet also worked as an editor for Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson's National Allied Magazines (the future DC Comics), and served as an art director of Centaur Publications, co-creating Amazing Man with Bill Everett t The bound volumes offered in this listing were bound at the time of publication and used for reference by Mr. Jacquet. Several have "Property of Funnies, Inc." stamped inside the outer binding.

The comics are bound in a soft cover outer binding which is attached to the spines of the comics with an adhesive. Additionally, t are 6 staples near the spine which go through the entire volume to further hold the books in place. All three edges of the comics have been lightly trimmed as is typical for bound volumes. However, t are NO punch holes nor is t any sewing. The spine on the outer binding has handwritten notations indicating what the contents
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