Batman-Dark Knight Returns (1st Hardcover Collected Ed)

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Hardcover)

Title Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Binding prestige (original issues), hardback (collected edition), tpb (various re-releases)

Category Elseworlds

Date 1986 (original issues), plus various re-issues

Writer(s) Frank Miller

Artist(s) Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, Lynn Varley

Collects The Dark Knight Returns 1-4

Storyline: It was been ten years since the last Batman sighting. Seventy year old Commissioner Gordon had a drink with Bruce Wayne. He was on the verge of retiring and they discussed the good-old-days. Bruce confided that he'd not spoken to Dick in seven years. Harvey Dent, who'd been in Arkham for twelve years, was set free. After complete reconstructive surgery and a good psychiatrist, he was deemed society worthy. Feeling less and less alive, and finally giving into his demons, Bruce put on the costume and went hunting. Suspecting Dent had gone bad again, Batman tracked him down and stopped him from destroying two buildings. Batman's next task was to take down the Mutants - a gang of kids who are attempting to take over the city first, then the world. Up against the Mutant leader, Batman was defeated. He would have died if Carrie Kelley, the new self-appointed Robin, hadn't saved him. Bruce took her back to the cave and began
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