Batman: Face The Face, Post Infinite Crisis TPB

Someone is killing off Batman's foes execution style. These are all minor leaguers like KGBeast, Magpie, Orca, and the Ventriloquist. The victims all have two gun-shot wounds to the dead, and only one weapon can make that kind of wound, the double-barreled pistol of Two-Face which is supposed to be in the GCPD lockup. Batman confronts Dent with the evidence which sends his fragile psyche out of control as he see his former gruesome image in the mirror, and carries on a conversation with it! Batman calls upon a local private eye named Jason Bard to do some daytime work for him that leads him to the widower of another slain villain, Orca. Meanwhile, Batman's own trail leads him and Robin into a deadly encounter in the Gotham sewers with one of his deadliest foes.