Batman Harley Quinn tpb, Paul Dini, Uvel Guichet

Batman Harley Quinn tpb, Paul Dini, Uvel Guichet
Written by Paul Dini, art by Yvel Guichet and Aaron Sowd
DC 1999, minimal shelf wear
48 pages, softcover
ISBN: 1563897733
Retails for 9.95, bidding starts at .99
The most popular character introduced in Batman's animated adventures enters the DC Universe and "No Man's Land" in a Prestige one-shot written by Harley's creator, Paul Dini (SUPERMAN: PEACE ON EARTH), with a painted cover by PEACE ON EARTH's Alex Ross and stunning interiors by Yvel Guichet and Aaron Sowd. Since Gotham's fall, the Joker has been relatively quiet...but that's about to change as former Arkham Asylum doctor Harleen Quinzel joins the Clown Prince of Crime to put him back on top. But when their unusual partnership leaves Harley a little worse for wear, she enlists Poison Ivy's help. Now the Joker and Batman are going to learn that this souped-up Harley's not going to be pushed around anymore.
I need to clear out some space, so I’m putting a bunch of tpbs, graphic novels, and comics up for auction. Unless otherwise stated, these are in Very Fine condition. Many of them are probably in better condition, but I’m grading them lower just so a Very Serious Collector won’t try to pick a fight with me. I have quite a few books that look pristine, but most of them look like they’ve been read
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