THIS TOOK ME OVER 6 MONTHS TO GET FULLY SIGNED.... BUT THE REWARD IS PRICE LESS!!!!!!!(IMPORTANT--- THIS IS ONE OF THE 2 (FINAL SHEETS) BATMAN MOVIE POSTERS , THIS POSTER WAS RELEASED AFTER HEATH LEDGER'S UNTIMELY DEATH... SO THIS POSTER DOES NOT HAVE HEATH LEDGERS AUTOGRAPH ON IT, I REPEAT DOES NOT!!!!.. ANYONE SELLING POSTERS SIGNED BY HEATH LEDGER THAT ARE NOT TEASER ARE DOING EVERYONE A GREAT DISSERVICE , IT'S LIKE BIDDING ON A RARE BABE RUTH SIGNED BASEBALL WHICH IS AUTOGRAPHED ON A BRAND NEW 2008 BASEBALL, YOU DO THE MATH..YET SOME PEOPLE WANT A BARGIN AND SOME SELLERS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT.. SO PLEASE USE YOUR HEAD WHEN BIDDING AFTER ALL IT IS YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY! JUST ASK THE POSTER MANUFACTURER THEY'LL BACK UP MY FACTS) IMPORTANT INFO! 100% authenticity to every single item that i sell or your money back no questions asked, i can provide the exact dates and locations of w every single signature was signed .. Heath Ledger only signed the teaser poster which i also have up for sale ... the other batman posters i have up for sale do not have his signature... WHAT AN AMAZING COLLECTORS ITEM! You are bidding on a RARE 27x 40 double sided BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT movie poster .. WITH THE BURNING BATMAN SYMBOL...( final one sheet ) the same ones displayed in the movie theaters! This is one great investment for years to come! ... read more