Batmobile 30" Long Hobby Kit 1:6 Scale '66 Batman Robin

This is the Grand Daddy of all Batmobiles!
It's a 1:6 Scale Kit for a 1966 George Barris style custom!
The body is a one piece plastic Batmobile shell that is almost 30" long!
These bodies are getting very rare.
This was a project that I have been wanting to work on for a couple of years now. But with our daughter and a new business I just can't seem to find the time to work on it.
So my loss is your gain.
Not only do you get the shell and all the parts that came with it (except the wheels because they were crap), you also get all of the parts I was going to use to finish this one. The only thing you should need is paint, glue, a Dremmel and some skill!
I've also included a pic of the first Batmobile I made from this shell. (It is NOT included in the auction, it's just for reference.)
T are a few things I did differently on the first version. But both will be very cool.
ADDED: I've gotten a couple of e-mails about the red wheels. IF YOU USE THE BUY IT NOW, I WILL INCLUDE CHROME RC WHEELS! If you have any questions, about this, let me know!
's a list of some of the items included in this auction:
- Red rimmed custom wheels with spinners.
- Custom headlights.
- Custom guages, dials, computers, etc.
- Cloth Parachutes and Nitrous tanks.
- Batphone & fire extinguisher.
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