Battle of the Buldge- Platoon Level Combat in WW II

LT! You are NOT going to believe this!" Sargent Kawalski took the binoculars from his eyes and turned to his company commander. "Yeah, Kawalski", Lt. Walker yawned, "what did you see...German Frauliens dancing about, perhaps?" Kawalski looked frightened, not his usual demeanor..."NO, LT! Will Ya, just look! THE KRAUTS HAVE TIGER TANKS AND THEY ARE COMMING TOWARD OUR POSITION NOW!" A strange squeak and squeal could be heard along with the growl of engines off in the distance. Suddenly a scream of a shell shortly followed by a flaming ball of fire blew up within a nearby group of trees where the 3rd. Platoon was dug in. Lt. Walker jumped from his cot and ran to the pill box observation slit. "OH SH__T! We are going to get pasted for sure! Let's Haul outta here right now!" Off in the not so distance, with a electrical wine of gears, a tiger tank slowly rotated its turret and locked its movement with a loud clunk. The huge tank barrel of its cannon slightly whined as its gun elevated, locked and poised to fire at what looked like a command bunker...Will the Americans push back the Panzer Blitz? OR...will the Panzers push through the bothersome Americans and obtain their goal of racing to the sea and cutting the Allies in two? That is up to you! Play the Germans and push your Infantry and Tanks to victory by crushing all opposition with ... read more