The Battle Of The Century: Superman vs. Spider-Man!

It's 92 Pages of Comic Book History !!
The first-ever D.C. & Marvel Comics Superheroes Team Up!
The Battle of the Century!
Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man
Circa 1976 and in excellent condition, this super-sized magazine (13.5 inches tall X 10 inches wide - a rare format for its time!) features the premier superheroes of both comic company titles first duking it out, then banding together as a team, to collar super villains - from the rooftops of Metropolis, to the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in far-off Africa, to the reaches of outer space! Both heroes' love interests, namely Mary-Jane Watson and Lois Lane, make appearances as well.
D.C. and Marvel were the world's biggest comic books rivals and competitors at the time this joint product was proposed. In his inside front-cover "soliloquy", Stan Lee writes about the processes that drew both companies together for this historic first team-up. he rightly calls it: "one of the most momentous productions in comic book history!" Foreword also by D.C. head honcho of the era, Carmine Infantino.
This special edition, over-sized mag was billed as the greatest superhero team-up of all time when it was created and marketed in 1976, and this edition does not disappoint. For fans of both comic book producers, as well as these two iconic superheroes, this is
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