Battle Picture Weekly issues 1 to 100 DVD-Rom

For sale: Battle Picture Weekly issues 1 to 100 DVD-Rom Collector's Edition.

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Battle Picture Weekly exploded onto newsagents' shelves in March 1975, signalling the demise of the moribund and formulaic boys' adventure comics of the previous few decades.

Under the guidance of luminaries Pat Mills and John Wagner (who went on to create the now-legendary Action and 2000 AD ), the comic featured realistic characters - from both sides of the conflict - fighting hard, bloody battles.

Now you can relive the hard-hitting tales that inspired a generation, featuring anti-heroes such as Major Eazy , Rat Pack , Darkie's Mob , and the Eagle in this DVD-Rom compilation of Battle's first 100 issues.

That's 3,200 pages of action-packed thrills - complete and unabridged!

Each issue is recreated in high-resolution, in PDF format. All you need to get started
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