Battle Tech Miniatures, The "plastics" +1

These NON-pewter (yes, these are the plastic ones from the old box set) minis have been sitting in storage for about 15 years with the idea "I'll play again someday" and likely never will. SO... here is one of several lots I'll be putting up.
If memory serves, it's all the original plastics with one additional Wasp. Some are painted, some aren't. One is broken off at the knees but can be pinned and glued. They are what they are. 25 years ago they were pretty darn hot to me--they got me on the table. They'll do the same now--they'll get you on the table--at a starting price of $15, it's a buck a piece. Once primed and painted, they're actually pretty good.
Please ask any questions before bidding, thanks.

EDIT---The extra is a STINGER, not a Wasp. Just FYI.