Battlestar Galactica Chief Tyrol Signed Rifle Prop

This is a great prop of the Colonial Warrior Marines Rifle from the hit Sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica. This prop is a firing airsoft Beretta Storm rifle with custom black resin scope, side light, and flash hider, see photo. Rifle still fires through the hollow custom black resin flash hider. This particular prop was signed in person by Aaron Douglas, "Chief Galen Tyrol", at Shore Leave 29 in Hunt Valley , MD on July 14, 2007 . Aaron signed in silver on the side of the rifle, see photos. Also included is a signed certificate of authenticity attesting to the fact this piece was signed in our presence, and a color photo of Aaron signing your actual prop. This piece is the ultimate collectible for Battlestar fans, very cool. Own a rifle the Chief himself actually held and signed! Prop is an airsoft rifle that fires plastic pellets. Orange blaze on front is intact until black resin flash hider is added for display. Your certificate will be signed and will not be watermarked with our logo like the one in this auction listing. This is part of the Arsenal Models Signature Series of in-person signed props. See our other auctions for more great pieces! Winning bidder will receive an invoice by email within 24 hrs. of auction end. Buyer pays by paypal, check or money order and includes actual shipping by priority mail plus insurance

Attention eBay: This piece is an airsoft rifle with orange blaze intact and is in accordance with all listing policies regarding the posting of such items.

Attention UK bidders: Please be aware that your countries new customs policies may prohibit the import of this particular piece because the base is an airsoft gun.

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