Battlestar Pacifica, and Battlestar Talos 1/4105 scale resin models

This is for a NEW � Battlestar resin model. It is the Battlestar Pacifica, and Battlestar Talos. They are � in the 1/4105 scale. So it is in scale to the Moebius, and Timeslip Creations Battlestar Galactica, and Pegasus models. These models will be ready to start shipping on or about the end of May/ start of June so it is a 4 to 6 week period at this time. I am offering this now, so it is 1st come, 1st served . The black and white � picture is just a rendering of the Pacifica there WILL be gun turrets added on to this, some additional detail to it. so expand your fleets and order this warrior to add to your fleets. The landing bays will be hollow, and the gun turrets will be loose so you can place them where you want to. The Talos pictures show it both as a "RAW" unpainted kit next to the Galactica, and a painted up version. �