BATTLETORN & MGT test press 45 ltd 10 thrash ENEMY SOIL

BATTLETORN & MGT test press 45 ltd 10 thrash ENEMY SOIL
BATTLETORN & MGT - "No Mercy Attack!" Japan tour split 45 - #9/10 test pressing copy!

Outlaw Recordings - 2008 Country w manufactured: US Condition = (cover/vinyl)= M-/M-

's a test pressing copy of a very limited tour single that was released on Outlaw Recordings to commemorate the BATTLETORN tour of Japan in 2008 with the Japanese band MGT. Both bands are very raw metalpunk thrash stuff, in the vein of old DRI or bands like that, but with some metallic tones in t too. T were only 10 test pressings done, which had special slightly different hand assembled and #'ed sleeves and hand written labels! This copy is #9/10, as you can see in the photo. For those who care BATTLETORN also has a member of the grind band ENEMY SOIL in it. This will probably be the only time you'll see this come up for sale, most copies are in the collections of band members and such. I'm auctioning off some other rare metal, rock and hard rock 45s this week by bands like: DOKKEN, SAXON, OZZY, and more!.

I've always got other LPs/CDs/45s/posters/magazines/rarities/etc being listed, most are starting at $3.99 which is as low as I can start them without giving them away, so . A 30 year stockade of collectibles is being sorted through slowly but surely, we just got moved to a new

Please read the following before you bid! I know it's a lot, but I have tried to put any/all information you may need , and it's important! And you may find answers to any questions you may have too. Thanks.


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Payments are preferred by PAYPAL which is fastest & easiest, at this point it seems like it's the only way to accept payment for the types of items I sell. Please read up on what ebay says is safe on their page of ebay payment laws, which I will not try to explain as they are rather extensive. This is the link to their site explaining payment rules: Ebay Payment Rules ). I'm not signed up for any of those other electronic payment systems they mention, so I guess it's PAYPAL only folks! Shipping/Handling for orders is determined on a per order basis.

Payment due within 7 days of auction closing or ebay will be notified via non-paying bidder notice and appropriate feedback will be left . I reserve the right to cancel transactions in which bidders can not comply with these terms- I am not interested in chasing down payments. Please communicate and let me know what's going on with your purchase, and I will do the same.

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