Bauer & Black Airplane No. 42 First Aid Kit, 1920's - 1930's

This is a very old “Bauer & Black Airplane First Aid Kit No. 42” for a small airplane. It comes with a brownish colored canvas case that snaps. The kit itself is in a square metal box with a snapping clasp.

I believe it dates to 1931 or earlier. I say this because I found an online copy of an old 1931 airplane supplies catalog that lists this kit. I’ve included a picture of the cover and the ad(not included in this sale, just shown for reference).

The kit has many of the original items, but not all. Here’s what it includes:

-Triangular 40” bandage(in box)

-(2) Burn-A-Lay ointment(in box)

-Tourniquet(in box)

-Sulfanilamide(12 tablets, still shrink wrapped in small tin)

-Bayer Aspirin Tin(no aspirin inside)

-Aromatic Spirits of Ammonia(empty bottle with dried chemicals inside)

-Opened box of Cotton

-Medium Bandage Compress(unopened)

-(2) Plain gauze(unopened)

-(4) Paper drinking cups(unopened)

As far as condition, the canvas cover is a bit fragile, and is splitting along some seams. The metal kit is in pretty good shape. It has a few minor bends and dings, and a few scratches, but for the most part is in decent shape.

Shipping to the 48 United States via USPS Parcel Post(up to 8 days delivery time).

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