Bauer Supreme 8000 Junior Hockey Skates Size 3

My oldest son wore these for two seasons of mite and squirt hockey when he 8 and 9. They are a size 3.0 which means they will fit a size 4 shoe. They are in fantastic condition with only minor scuffs. There are no smells or wear inside the boot. I had to replace one of the foot liners because we somehow lost one. The Bauer Supreme 8000 was the top of the line Bauer skate until 2006. They are made in Canada. The holder/blades are Tuuk Lightspeeds and they in fantastic condition. Below is a summary from one of the hockey shops. Good luck and all the best! Rob
Designed for the elite-level hockey player seeking power, stability, and lightweight performance. The Supreme 8000 features THERMAL Power Fit System (PFS) that provides customization for the perfect fit, and patented PRO-INTEGRATED ANATOMICAL HEEL/ANKLE SUPPORT that offers consistent, durable fit and support.