Bausch & Lomb Binocular Microscope w/ epi-illumination

Made in the USA by well known Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., Rochester , NY .

This gorgeous microscope has both epi-illumination for (darkfield?? - see discussion under objectives ) reflected light microscopy and transmitted light illumination.

Cosmetically it is in great condition with very minor signs of use/wear visible on the microscope!!! (See detailed pictures - click on them to super-size) All mechanical (moving/sliding/rotating) operations and parts are in good condition.

This microscope is in great overall condition and everything on it works!!!


Objectives: Original set: 8X, 10X, 20X and 40X, Bausch and Lomb. objectives

These are very interesting objectives!!! (See pictures) They have a lens in the middle of the objective barrel and then another circular "lens" around it. It makes me think of a Darkfield objective - especially when I see that t is a black disk in the epi-illuminator that can be flipped in and out of the light path - For Darkfield epi-illumination ??? (I am not sure!!!)

Eyepieces: Bausch & Lomb 5X, with adjustable inter-pupilarry distance function and right eyepiece can focus independently

Stage: Square stage fitted with a mechanical stage for X and Y slide movement. Mechanical stage is graduated in X and Y direction
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