Bausch & Lomb Zeiss Tessar, f/6.3, 5x8 Series II B, Nice Glass, Brass Barrel

This is a Tessar large-format lens made by Bausch and Lomb under license from Zeiss. It is designated 5x8, that being the format for which it was intended. Aperture width suggests its focal length to be about 7 1/2". It is a quite compact lens, its width (about 2 1/4") being greater than its length (a bit over 1 1/4"). The glass is clear and in excellent condition, with only a few tiny scratches on outer surfaces. The aperture ring, with marks from f/6.3 to f/45, is a bit stiff, but renders consistent apertures with its 19-blade iris. The lacquered brass barrel has numerous scratches, as do the black enameled parts, but is still quite handsome. The lens cap is vintage plush-lined leather. I'm sorry I don't have a flange for this lens, but if I find one that fits I will include it.

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