Bayonet M1905 dated 1911, M1910 scabbard US Springfield

Bayonet M1905, U.S. Springfield dated 1911 with M1910 scabbard.

This is an original, "bright blade" full-length Springfield, Model of 1905 bayonet for the '03. It bears the serial number 505694 and a 1911 date. It has never been parkerized nor has the blade been cleaned. It is marked "S A" for Springfield Arsenal, the manufacturer. All markings are good clear stampings. The hilt configuration is considered a "bird's head" pommel with the standard push-button/integral spring latch and steel cross guard. The push-button latch works well and clips into the scabbard and onto the rifle as intended. The wooden grips are in good shape with the original finish and are held on by the standard single screw. No chips or cracks. The left-hand wood bears a small, neatly painted collection or museum marking "y-241" placed unobtrusively on the top behind the muzzle ring.

The blade is bright steel, single-stopped-fuller (both sides), single-cutting-edge with short false-edge towards the tip. The blade has the standard US marked over the serial number on one side of the ricasso. The arsenal over ordnance bomb over a date on the opposite side. I understand this is the correct style markings for blades made between 1906 and 1922. This bayonet has never been sharpened. No nicks, or gashes on the blade. No sharpening on the edges and
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